A Short History of Socialism

Larry Wittner

Larry Wittner is professor of history emeritus at SUNY/Albany and was the secretary of Albany DSA during the early 1980s.  He has been a member of the executive committee of the Albany chapter of United University Professions since 1979, is the co-chair of the national board of Peace Action, and is the former executive secretary (and currently a member of the executive committee) of the Albany County Central Federation of Labor (AFL-CIO).  In 2016, he was elected as a Bernie Sanders delegate to the Democratic national convention.

Democratic Socialist Values, Vision And Strategy

Mark Schaeffer

Mark Schaeffer is on the Editorial Committee of Democratic Left, DSA’s magazine. He has been active in DSA since its 1982 founding convention. He is a member of the state board of Citizen Action of New York, and is active in People of Albany United for Safe Energy (PAUSE) among other progressive organizations. He worked for Environmental Action Foundation in the 1980s, and coordinated several Albany actions for 350.org, founded by Bill McKibben.

Socialism in Practice

Chris Rees

Chris Rees is a Doctoral Student in Sociology at SUNY Albany.  His work focuses on the relationships between social networks, community, and social control.